Monday, March 24, 2008
Comedy Gold
I found this yesterday and nearly peed myself laughing at it. Sadly, part of it is no longer available, so I'm gonna have to give y'all some brief setup.

Okay, y'all know Yahoo Answers? Well, someone posted the dumbest question ever. I was planning to link directly to their question, but it has since been deleted. Anyway, there were several rational and coherent answers to this unbelievably stupid question, but the one the asker selected as "best" was even more bizarrely stupid than the original question.

The bad news is, you can't see the actual question/answer page for yourselves. The good news is, a screenshot of it will helpfully scroll along at the bottom of the following Dramatic Interpretation. Make sure you have your sound on, kids. And you probably don't want to be eating or drinking anything when you click this. Enjoy!

How is babby formed?