Friday, January 11, 2008
Look! Dandies!
In which V wonders why more boys don't attempt this, because it's a great look.

So I was reading Icing today, and found a link to some photographs of dandies. I LIKE DANDIES. I suspect this is a controversial opinion. I can see where a lot of guys would be put off, because it is a rather feminine way of dressing (although IMO if I saw a guy dressed like this, I would be impressed by how secure he was in his masculinity.) Also it's not at all utilitarian. But for special occasions, I think a lot of ladies would absolutely swoon over a gentleman in a top hat and velvet coat. Maybe this is my inner goth speaking.

Anyway. Look! Dandies! How You Boys Could Try To Look Like. Note that I am not alone in my appreciation of this sort of thing.

To further encourage the Men Of Today to experiment a bit more with this style, I have compiled a selection of links.

Plunkett and Macleane, a superb film in which Jonny Lee Miller disguises himself as a dandy in order to get closer to (and steal from) society ladies.

Google Image Gallery of the inimitable Tom Waits, who IMO qualifies as a roguish dandy.

A scandalous news story in which a dandy misbehaves terribly.

And finally, the video for Mr. Brightside, hands down the best song of the new millennium. Dandy vs. Dandy! Notice how well that Killers bloke pulls off the dandy look. All of you lads can do this!