Friday, November 23, 2007
V's Christmas Countdown
In which V gets into the holiday spirit, and provides y'all with a smashing yuletide song every flippin' day.

There are 32 days left until Christmas. Let's kick things off with some nostalgia. Growing up in the 70s and early 80s, American kids had no shortage of television specials for nearly every holiday. My mom used to put a tape recorder next to the television and record the narration for me, so that I could listen to the stories whenever I wanted. NOTE TO TODAY'S MISCREANT YOUTH: this is the kind of thing we had to do before VCRs. Y'all have it easy. I had to listen to my favorite cartoons ON CASSETTE TAPE. And I walked ten miles to school in the snow. Barefoot, even. Uphill both ways.

Right now the Youth Of Today is wondering WTF a "cassette tape" is. And I feel old.

But anyway. Nostalgia. I still watch this on the television every year. Enjoy :)