Thursday, November 29, 2007
U2 used to be such a great band...
I'm not really sure where these guys went wrong. I really loved Achtung Baby, but after that album it was all downhill. And I have to admit, I liked Bono a whole lot more before he started slicking his hair back and became the World's Conscience. And isn't he a knight now? Sir Bono? What a sellout. But I digress.

Here we have some Joshua Tree era U2, and in my opinion this is when they were at the top of their game. They were all hats and ponytails, and those horrid bug-eyed sunglasses were still a couple of years away. They were so awesome! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, U2? WHYYYYYYY.

Anyway. This is yet another of my favorite holiday songs. Ladies and gents, enjoy U2 at their finest. There are now 26 days until Christmas. Have you ever noticed that U2's drummer never ages? I suspect a pact with Satan.