Sunday, November 04, 2007
Film Review: Antibodies

The great thing about the dvd rental place that I use is that they get lots and lots of foreign films. I am grateful for this, and often wonder why they keep getting so many of them when I am probably one of fewer than ten people who rent them. Seriously, sometimes I'll rent a foreign film that's been sitting on the shelf for ages, and when I take it out of the case, the DVD is pristine. Whereas usually rental DVDs look as if someone has tried to clean them with steel wool. But I digress.

I was wandering around looking for something new to see, and I stumbled across Anitibodies. This is a German crime thriller, along the same kind of lines as Silence of the Lambs or Seven (or Se7en, if you're anal).

The basic plot:

A serial killer has been going around small towns, killing children. He kills almost exclusively boys, however in one small town a little girl was killed. The constable in this town is obsessed with solving the crime. He sees everyone as a suspect, and as a result everyone in town hates him. A suspect is captured by the police, and the small town constable goes to question this suspect, hoping to shed some light on the case of the murdered girl.

Meanwhile, the constable's own teenaged son is (a) wetting the bed, (b) setting fires, and (c) possibly killing small animals. We all know what that means, don't we?

Most of the film is about this serial killer playing cruel mind games with the small town constable. He's all "I didn't kill that little girl, I only kill little boys. But I was in your town, and I saw your son..."

Other thoughts on this film:

This was Quality all the way. Great cinematography, well filmed, excellent production values. Plot is intriguing from start to finish. There's some blood, but it's not horror movie levels of gore. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good 'serial killer vs, police' film. Bear in mind, it's German, so if you don't like subtitles this probably isn't for you. Also: if you don't like subtitles, wtf is wrong with you?


If you can find this, watch it. One of the best films of its genre.