Monday, November 26, 2007
Carol of the Bells: The WTF edition
There are 29 days left until Christmas. I bought someone a present today!

When I first started this Christmas Countdown thing, it was my intention to share some of my favorite holiday music with y'all. But so far, most of the versions I've been able to find on YouTube have been kind of cracked out.

I love the Carol of the Bells. I love to hear it played on hand-bells, something I get to do every year at our community's Christmas festival. YouTube has a lot of videos of people playing this on the hand-bells, most of which are poor quality (if you want to see some of the worst camera work of all time, go here). Ultimately I figured what the hell, I might as well just take the weirdness and run with it.

Have I ever mentioned that Claymation gives me nightmares? I'm serious.