Thursday, September 06, 2007
Another moment of Pavarotti genius
So like back in 1996 or something, I bought a CD of a benefit concert given by Pavarotti and some pop groups to benefit the children of Bosnia. It was great. But I think the highlight for me was always Mr. P's duet with Simon LeBon on the mediocre 90s Duran Duran song Ordinary World. Until today I'd never actually seen this performance, only heard it. But the visuals add so much.

Observe as Pavarotti blows Simon LeBon completely away. Duran Duran can't keep up on his own song. Pavarotti is just casually standing there singing as easily as if he's reading the newspaper aloud, whilst Simon LeBon is croaking out the chorus and sounding like he's been kicked in the nutsack. I imagine that he went home and cried.

Here it is, kids. Enjoy.