Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Why is it that American national holidays always mean all-day television marathons? The sci-fi channel trots out 24 hours of The Twilight Zone - which is awesome, really. Every time I think "no, I won't bother with it. I must have seen them all by now" and every time they surprise me by showing one I haven't seen. But I digress.

BBC America has been showing Eddie Izzard all afternoon. I had never seen any of his stand-up comedy until this past Christmas (when BBC America were also doing an Eddie Izzard marathon). Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here are the three clips that made me laugh the most:

Mr. Dog, for small yappy-type dogs.

The 'authentic Latin accent' is lies, all lies.

The language lab. I know just enough French to totally crack up over this.