Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Some videos posted for M's benefit
In which V posts a couple of videos that are way better than the effing Housemartins, who have to be the lamest band of all time.

Trivia: one of the Housemartins grew up to become Fatboy Slim. THE MIND BOGGLES, OMG.

But I digress. M has been obsessed with a Kaiser Chiefs song lately. This has been the foundation of several conversations, most of which revolve around the premise that the Kaiser Chiefs song is reminiscent of this:

Having watched this video clip, I begin to think the resemblance is mainly in M's head.

But more to the point, Lily Allen has done a cover of the song, and I maybe like it better than the original. Also it has a nifty video wherein Lily Allen is ripping off Jessica Rabbit, which just proves the girl has style.

It's not actually Lily Allen's cover. It's some person called Mark Ronson. I've never heard of Mark Ronson. I'm not sure what he actually does, as Lily Allen is doing all the vocals. I digress. Enjoy.