Thursday, May 24, 2007
Welcome to the suck.
So. I managed to get my computer infected with the World's Most Persistent Unfixable Trojan, and ended up having to re-install Windows on Monday night. But something's gone wrong somewhere, and it won't boot up properly without a lot of intervention on my part. I fully expect I will probably have to re-install Windows yet again, and am facing a sense of dread that there might be something going wrong on a hardware level.

So, until I get my technical issues sorted out, don't look for a lot of posts from me. Also, there are some people I really need to email. Bear with me, y'all. I'm up to my ears in crap at the moment.

Meanwhile, here are some random thoughts I've been having.

1. Recently it was brought to my attention that the Ace of Base song "All That She Wants Is Another Baby" is not literally about having an actual baby. This song is like 15 years old. So for 15 years I've been going around wondering who the hell is looking after her other baby (babies?) while she lies on the beach looking for a new baby-daddy. Generally I wonder why in hell anyone would want one baby, let alone another baby, but I am famously non-maternal. But no. It's not about that at all. Apparently "baby" is some bizarre euphemism for a one night stand. You know, men have been pulling this scam on women forever. Why do they merit their own cautionary tale about being used for sex? Realistically, how many single men would complain about being used for sex? So I'm still confused by this song, just on a different level.

2. M found a great video clip about "worst movie moments" and it includes several scenes from Shark Attack 3. I reviewed Shark Attack 3 a while back, I dunno if y'all remember. It was by request. It was the one wherein the giant shark would open his mouth, and his victims would magically fly inside. Fun times. Anyway, M found this awesome video that depicts it beautifully and I really think he should post it. POST THE VIDEO M. PLEEEEASE. I can't post it myself, as my computer hates me and I no longer have the link.

3. I saw a decent film yesterday called First Born. When I rented it, there was a sticker covering up the title, and all I could see was the tagline, "KEEP AWAY FROM THE BABY" and I thought that was the title. I mean, how could something called "KEEP AWAY FROM THE BABY" be anything less than lurid genius entertainment? It was slightly less lurid than anticipated, but still pretty good. Elizabeth Shue has a baby, and then gets the postnatal psychosis and spends the next two hours alternating between neglecting the baby, and clutching it manically to her chest. I won't give it all away, on the off chance anyone out there wants to see it. I'd say it's a cautionary tale. But I'm famously non-maternal, so I find stuff like this amusing on perhaps an unusual level.

Okay, I think that just about wraps it up. Hopefully my Windows issues will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I can barely stand to look at my computer, because I can feel the hatred it has for me radiating from its cruel metal shell. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy?