Saturday, May 19, 2007
Look, here's the thing. I've been having major blog apathy. It's summertime, the weather is nice, and so why sit indoors blogging when you can sit outside with one of many good books you have to read? I've sort of never understood how people who blog daily can do it. Don't they have other stuff that fills up their time? Distractions? Friends? Lives? I'm not saying that daily bloggers don't have lives. Just, maybe they spend way more time at the computer than I can fathom spending myself.

Anyway, I've run across something that I think merits posting. So, here it is. This is strange and beautiful at the same time. Also, I may have gotten a little weepy towards the end. But I get weepy at the end of The Ghost Whisperer every week, so it could just be that I'm totally a girl who cries at stuff. But I digress. Here. Enjoy.