Thursday, November 30, 2006
Your opinion counts!
So M and I were talking last night, and for reasons I can no longer remember I asked him whether he thought a person could totally take a monkey in a fight. Cos, see, I reckon that the average monkey is fast, smart, has relatively sharp teeth, and can use his feet as hands. I reckon that when it's Man vs. Nature, usually Nature comes out on top. My reasoning is, people get horribly mauled by dogs sometimes, and a monkey is probably a lot harder to fight than a dog.

M reckons that he would rip the monkey's arms and legs off, shit down its neck, and say "who's next?" Which, admittedly, would be pretty awesome. I just don't think it's realistic.

So here's another poll. That Sean Bean one was so much fun, I thought we were just about due for a new one. When answering the poll, please consider the following:

We are talking about the average person versus the average monkey. Not, like, Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris could certainly take a monkey. And also, not a baboon. I don't think anyone could take on a baboon. Not even Norris.

Who would win in a fight: a person, or a monkey?
The person would totally own the monkey.
The monkey would be a total painiac all over the person.
This question encapsulates the very nature of man's existential struggle, and therefore is impossible to answer.
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