Monday, November 27, 2006
I watch bad movies so you don't have to.
So, like, I was in the video store this morning, and I saw the following DVD cover:

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And while part of me thinks, WTF is this a joke STFU, another part of me thinks "can it really be that bad?"

The answer, I suspect, is yes. Yes, it certainly can be. I came home and reported this gem of a film to Eli, who said that it was a "moral imperative" that I should see this and provide an extensive review.

Friends, it is one of life's simplest joys to mock bad movies. But sadly I often find myself at a loss for bad movies to review. So here it is: I am going to take your requests. Send your notoriously awful film picks to (no worries, I get plenty of spam there already) and I'll choose the best of the worst to watch and review. Maybe if Eli's lucky, I'll even force myself to endure the misery of Val Kilmer's musical Ten Commandments.

But first I must watch and report on Stick It, in which a rebellious girl who's into EXTREME SPORTS is forced to compete in some gymnastics thing. I'm sure she learns all kinds of lessons about teamwork and friendship and all that happy crap. Also her coach is Jeff Bridges. I think maybe Jeff Bridges was Quality for about ten minutes in, like, 1984. Also the tagline for this film is "IT'S NOT CALLED GYM-NICE-TICS." So, yeah, I have high hopes for this one.