Monday, October 02, 2006
Five Things I Totally Heart This Week
1. Jane Eyre
The BBC has done a four-part miniseries of this, and part two was on last night. I've never read the novel, never seen any of the other film versions, and am totally 100% unaware of what happens next. I guess I've always avoided it because I thought Wuthering Heights was really f*ing tedious. But this is a different Bronte sister.

I'm liking it. It has everything - romance, mystery, conflict - and it's a bit gothic really. Also, Rochester looks like he could give Mr. Darcy a run for his money. We shall see.

2. The Pulch
From the genius behind Salad Fingers, we now have Pulch: The Good Times. Watch and enjoy, and keep your eyes to the ground.

3. That Mitchell and Webb Look
You've probably only heard of Peep Show if you're from the UK, so take my word for it when I say it's a brilliantly funny and quirky comedy. The two guys behind it (Mitchell and Webb, duh) have started up a weekly sketch comedy show. I really feel sorry for you kids over in America who can't see this. But hey, you have YouTube. So I can direct you to such gems as Numberwang (part 3), Medical Drama, and Dead British Actors. Watch and enjoy. That's Numberwang!

4. Mario Kart Double Dash
For the GameCube. This game has become an obsession - M and I have it down to a science. 110% fun, for real.

5. The Killers
New album out tomorrow. Let's hope it isn't a disappointment. They reckon it's a different sound, which is kind of a shame because I really liked the first album. They also reckon they've improved a lot as musicians, so hopefully they haven't fucked things up too much. I've heard the first single (When You Were Young) and was totally NOT impressed (insert frowny-face here). But supposedly the video for the next single has been directed by Tim Burton, who is making a slow comeback from that whole "I Sold Out With Planet Of The Apes" thing. Keep your fingers crossed (and your eyes to the ground).