Friday, July 28, 2006
I wanna take you to the AIR SHOW! AIR SHOW! AIR SHOW!
Here is a little known fact about V, something even people who have known her for years don't always know about: V is an aircraft enthusiast. Particularly WW2-era aircraft, and also generally awesome military planes like harrier jets.

So yesterday was the Lowestoft Air Show and I was pretty psyched for it. I ended up seeing two of the AWESOMEST things ever to exist in the history of AWESOME.

Awesome thing #1: The harrier jet.
I'd never seen one of these before, but I've always wanted to. OMG it was AWESOME. Awesome and LOUD. And FAST. OMG DUDES I got to see it HOVER. I am told that my jaw was on the floor for the duration of the harrier display. It was at least as cool as seeing U2 play live, and that's pretty cool.

Awesome thing #2: The Eurofighter Typhoon.
This is one hell of a formidable plane. I can't even start putting together words for it. Basically, I'd say it can do anything. It was almost like watching a rocketship. For reals.

I saw loads of other impressive stuff, but for me those two planes were totally the highlights of my day.

Also worth mentioning:
The Red Arrows. This was an amazing aerobatics display. I had never seen an aerobatics display before, so that was pretty exciting for me.

They had a good collection of WW2 planes. A beautiful sight.

Saw some helicopters doing things that helicopters just shouldn't do, like flying backwards or with their blades to the sides, or doing loops.

Pictures were taken, but we haven't tried to upload them to the computer yet. There is a strong possibility that the pictures are crap, as it's difficult to photograph things that move around really fast. But if any of those turn out well, they'll be posted here.