Friday, May 05, 2006
Five things I totally heart this week
In which V totally hearts some stuff, and it mostly seems to be about television, therefore V wonders if she should cultivate some new hobbies...

1. Dr. Who
Although I've been aware of this show since I was a kid, I never actually saw it until very recently. It was just never on. I think when I was in high school, or maybe junior high, PBS used to show it at some insane hour like 4AM. But then last year they started up a whole new series of it. M was into it and told me a bit about it and made it sound really intriguing. So when the Sci-Fi channel started showing it here, I thought I'd give it a try. OMG it's just about the coolest thing ever. It almost kicks Star Trek TNG's ass, but nothing can really kick Star Trek TNG's ass. As far as awesome sci-fi television goes, Dr. Who is definitely way up there in the ranks!

Here is a side note about how much of a sad geek I am: I downloaded the KLF remix of the Dr. Who theme and I listen to it in the car all the time. And I put it on my little iPod to play at the gym, so when I work out I can groove to the Dr. Who theme. It really is a great theme. Really. I have never worked out to the Star Trek TNG theme, although it too is an excellent bit of music.

2. Lost
I was all pissed off at Lost for a while, because I was getting pretty sick of that whole "let's wait three weeks between new episodes" thing that they were pulling. That's just not on. It's not proper. Not when your show has a cliffhanger every frigging week and each episode picks up directly where the last left off.

And then I saw this week's episode, and I have to forgive them for everything. They can wait six weeks between episodes for all I care, if they keep this stuff coming. I can't go into details because M hasn't had a chance to see it yet (he watches on Saturdays). But I was watching, and it was great, and then in the last few minutes it was awesome to the max, and I was all WAIT!? WHAT? WTF? OMG! I was caught totally off guard to say the least. Caught off guard and shocked and my poor little mind was blown. What I really appreciated was, nothing in the previews or adverts or general online commentary even hinted at something like this happening. It was out of nowhere, and I liked that. That whole element of surprise thing, it's very effective.

M, you'd better watch this ASAP because I am bursting with ideas and theories that I can't keep to myself. It is awesome to the max! TO THE MAX, I say!!!

3. The Ghost Whisperer
I never thought I'd say this, but I am starting to really like this show. When it first started back in September, I didn't watch it at all. Then I started watching it occasionally for comedic value, because I've never liked Jennifer Love Hewitt at all. And then I realized, hey, this is actually pretty decent entertainment. And Jennifer Love Hewitt has pretty hair, and she's less irritating than she was in all those "I Continue To Know What You Did Last Summer" films. Sometimes the episodes are pretty unintentionally funny, but I'm still able to watch them without irony. And sometimes they're actually pretty creepy - like the two-part season finale about the plane crash. I'm pretty psyched to see the second part of it tonight. So Friday nights are shaping up to be damn good TV nights, what with the blessed trinity of The Ghost Whisperer, Dr. Who, and...

4. Numbers
Or Numb3rs, if you're anal. Also casually referred to as CSI: Maths, this rounds out Friday nights. I don't like maths, but I like this show. I actually find myself thinking that if maths had been made this interesting when I was in school, I might not have had to repeat algebra. But I digress. This show is about crime solving, much like CSI, but unlike CSI it gets a bit more into the everyday lives of its characters. They have friends, families, relationships... and you see how the crime/maths life affects all of that. And the characters are people you can really like, which I find rare. I find myself wanting to reach through the TV and bitch-slap most of the characters in most of the other programs, most notably everyone involved with Will and Grace or The New Adventures of Old Christine. So there.

5. The Killers
So apparently they've told the media that their new CD will be the greatest album of all time, or words to that effect. I half believe it, although they'll be hard pressed to top The Joshua Tree.