Saturday, April 22, 2006
My five weird habits
Once again, Eli has hit me with one of those blog poll things, where you're supposed to answer the questions and then pass it along to five friends. This always leaves me kind of in a lurch, because I don't think I even know five people. Okay, so I know five people (I think I do. At least, I hope I do), but I definitely don't know five people who keep blogs. And the people I do know who keep blogs, they're mostly private type things that I don't really feel like I should be linking to. So. As always, I'll answer the questions and leave this open for anyone else who wants to do it.

So. My Five Weird Habits.

1. Whenever someone really, really, seriously pisses me off, I'll create a Sim that looks like them, and I'll put them in one of those Sims Torture Houses. You build a small house, like maybe 3 x 3 tiles, no doors or windows. And then you give them one of the most uncomfortable chairs and a sink. So all they can do is drink water or sit (though if they get tired enough, they'll sleep on the floor in pools of their own urine). This usually ends up with them (a) going mad, and (b) peeing themselves to death. Yes, I said peeing themselves to death. Also a couple of times that I did this, all the neighbors who came over to visit also went mad and peed themselves to death.

You know, this merits further blogging. As luck would have it, I'm pretty pissed off at this girl who lives up the street. Maybe I'll Sim-Torture her and post some screen shots...

2. I watch Beverly Hills, 90210 religiously.

3. Every time I use a public restroom, I can't help thinking about that episode of Twin Peaks where Bob beat up the one-armed shoe salesman in a public restroom, except Bob was invisible and it was really spooky. Trust me, it was a lot spookier than I've made it sound. So yeah, I can't use any public bathroom without being kind of freaked out the whole time about Bob and that one-armed man.

4. From time to time, I'll take it upon myself to try and resurrect old-school slang words. My current word campaign is "to the max". So, try and use "to the max" five times every day, and tell all your friends. Cos if we could bring back a piece of the 80s, that would be rad.

5. For about the past year, I've had that song "You Sexy Thang" deeply embedded in my brain. I think it started when the song was used in some advert somewhere. But now, if I hear any part of it, I find I have to sing it a bit in order to sort of exorcise it from my head for a little while (I believe in miracles! WHERE YA FROM?!? You sexy thang! You sexy thang, you.). M has been known to exploit this.

Those are the five weirdest habits that I could come up with. Weird habits to the max!