Friday, April 07, 2006
Friday Baddie

OK, this is a little generic, but you'll know this baddie, maybe under another name.
In the UK they are known as the 'chav'. I think in V's town they are just generically called 'rednecks', though they probably don't work too hard in the sun. They seem to make up the majority of the population everywhere.

They range from children to middle aged people. As a typical example, the younger versions genuinely think 'Ali G' is the coolest, with no perception of irony whatsoever to the oldest, waddling down the street in packs with the latest football shirt not quite covering their belly chanting racist gibberish at midnight. Primarily in my town of Lowestoft it's the teenage girls pushing their baby chairs like weapons, while the assumed fathers of the contents of the chair are the previously mentioned human detrius.

You can learn about chavs here. I'm sure you'll recognise the traits wherever you live.