Sunday, April 16, 2006
Exercise your right to vote!
M and I have been having a disagreement about something, and I decided to put the matter up for a vote. In the interest of fairness, I won't divulge which opinion belongs to either of us until after a respectable number of people have responded.

So, please, familiarize yourselves with the work of actor Sean Bean and choose which of the following best describes your opinion.

Is Sean Bean...

1. Quality: A reasonably good actor, suitable for supporting and/or leading roles in actual feature films?

2. Television Quality: A marginal actor at best, suitable for roles in made-for-TV films, or possibly direct-to-video movies?

3. Not Quality: An actor whose work you'd rather avoid, or you might watch for things like unintentional comedic or camp value. Examples: David Caruso, Eric Roberts.

Voting commences below. Since I don't see any reason to cough up $30 for the premium ad-free polls, you'll probably have to look at advertisements on the results page. I reckon y'all should be able to deal with that. Oh, and since we'd like to see some real results, feel free to pass this link around. Who knows, maybe this blog will actually get a few readers...

Sean Bean is...
Absolutely quality.
Television quality at best.
Haha, you're kidding, right? Sooo not quality.
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