Saturday, February 18, 2006
Crappy website awards of 2006
I believe V previously published her anarchistic rantings on a site called

I understand the said site charged a fee to all users and had regular problems, causing V. to vexate frequently and finally dump them.

The site is currently out of action for a 'hard drive' failure (just the one drive apparently?, not too much planning done there.) But it's 'not a physical fault' - maybe imaginary?

The site charges users to post and does not backup anything? Amazingly, it is asking for donations from it's contributing users to fund recovering the data on it's 'disk' with reparation offers of site merchandise... yes the site is posted on a PC with a single disk that isn't backed up but the owner HAS spent money on mugs and badges to promote it.. Now THAT is bare faced cheek!

I'd hope they'll be buying an extra $100 disk and doing some backups with the money they spent on badges and mugs next time... absolutely incredible!... They even say they'll use the contributions to 'recover' the disk data on providing extra bandwidth!?..

Here are some hints for , you can pay me in DiaryX logo mugs and I'll spend them on buying myself a new TV.

Buy a second cheap disk and backup your data
If you only have one hard disk in a server hosting a website maybe floppy disks, zip drives or laservision platters will fit in your 'new' backup scheme.
If I want to make sure I don't lose stuff I usually make a second copy. If I was hosting a website with other people's data I'd be looking at making the best backups possible rather than no backups.

I nominate as the most bare faced bullshitters award on a website of 2006 so far...