Sunday, December 11, 2005
Late Friday Baddie: the “War against Terror”

Yesterday the British justice system voted against legally considering evidence obtained by torture, very much against the British government’s wishes - which is already stating it will ignore the ruling in their ‘Real world' “War against Terror”.

Torture. Let’s get this straight, the UK government is ridiculing the law and condoning obtaining evidence by physical torture, as in medieval ‘witch’ trials, with the justification of a single crime (9/11), while terrorising us all with the threat of allowing torture in our legal system.

I’ll just mention the fact that uncharged prisoners are already moved to Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq ‘detention’ camps and possibly former soviet installations in eastern Europe by the US to avoid their own human rights laws. When a country’s government starts evading it’s own laws and embracing the opportunity to torture in states it has always vilified as enemies for this very reason, is something not quite right?

The totalitarian world of ‘1984’ seems almost quaint these days.