Friday, October 21, 2005
While I'm here .... films!
I usually don't find the time for all this stuff (not that I'm ultra busy, just a bad time manager) but V. is visiting pals at the moment and I said I'd say something about some films.

High Tension

OMG. V. got me this on DVD as a surprise in the last few days I visited her, for my birthday (in about 3 weeks).
This was originally a French film, so it has: the original uncut French version (best, natch, and not specifically mentioned on the back of the DVD); An unrated US dubbed version...yeah; An English dubbed version that I assume has the mediocrity of being dubbed AND cut!
OK, this is a GORE film!

Plot: 2 French girl students drive to the home of one for a summer of college study. Events take a horrifically violent turn in a home invasion that creates one long, bloody chase with death seemingly imminent every minute. (That's my synopsis anyway).

Facts. Firstly this film blows you away with it's violence. It's genuinely shocking and actually makes you afraid of what depravity is going to occur next. How about a shot of a man getting 'head' in his truck right at the start in the background of the girl's family waiting for the girl to arrive. He then reached out and dumps the SEVERED head out of the truck window while her kid brother plays nearby... wait though, don't take ANYTHING for granted!
The violence is so extreme so fast that it makes you think ANYTHING can happen (and it does). This film essentially only has 3 characters...

There are twists in this film that are great though you'll maybe feel a little cheated by them. I am still unsure. I do know it was great fun though, so thanks V.!

The Village

This was a very worthwhile film but not quite the mind blower I expected from M. Night.Shyam...say it V!

Firstly, I loved 6th sense and I also loved Unbreakable. This more than OK but I thought not on their entertainment level.

There is 'supposedly' a huge twist in this film that 'M. Night' made big showy pretensions about during the film's avertising. This 'twist' was lost on me, as I kind of assumed it right from the start, not through any cleverness but just normal assumption. I won't go any further.

The film is WELL worth seeing. V pointed out a part I didn't realise after seeing, that made me think about it a bit more even though the supposedly great shock had just happened. V stated to me after I saw it that it was a tragic romance. I'd agree with that.

Very good. Watch 6th Sense or Unbreakable first though! I haven't seen Signs yet...