Tuesday, October 04, 2005
V and M see a film
In which V. realizes that she's neglected to mention being away on holiday with M. for a couple of weeks, and thus will not be posting regularly.

So yeah, M's here, and we've seen a film! Well, two films actually, the first being Batman Begins, which I've now seen three times. But you can't get too much Batman. That is a fact.

The other film we saw was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was very good. Emily Rose was killed during an exorcism, and the film was mostly about the priest being on trial for negligent homicide or something like that. There were flashbacks to some creepy stuff, and V. was pretty effectively creeped out and unable to get to sleep that night.

It was the kind of film that makes you ask yourself questions. Like, what's real and what's not, and how do we explain things? The prosecution claimed that Emily Rose had epilepsy, and the defense's argument was, what if she really WAS possessed? Personally I don't think I could have found the priest guilty... the whole point was that he genuinely believed, in good conscience, that he was doing the right thing for her.

M says that doesn't make it right, though. Oh, and he wants me to mention this one scene where Emily Rose's boyfriend wakes up and she's not in bed, and he sits up and finds her on the floor, and her body's all twisted and distorted, and she's staring creepily and blankly into space, and you don't know whether to be scared of her or feel sorry for her (I was scared of her, very scared). Oh, oh. And M found this site, which tells a bit of the true story that this was based on. I'd sort of like to learn more about it.

But for now, we are on holiday.