Saturday, October 22, 2005
Trafalgar and more film stuff
OK, so the country seems to have been hijacked into celebrating the 200th anniversary of 'The Battle of Trafalgar'. Fireworks (ugh), 'beacon lightings' and her Maj. herself is even going to show her sour face. What are they going to have next? I seriously doubt whether the person in the street has the faintest idea what this event is celebrating. I believe there was a survey in a national newspaper (and I take these with a pinch of salt) that said many kids in schools thought Adolph Hitler was a fictional character. I wonder what V would make of all this if she lived here....

What are we going to be celebrating next? 1066 day? Actually that's a good question - do we feel we invaded this country in 1066 or were invaded? I'm sure we'll be celebrating 1066 day in 2066 with Joy joy feelings and seashells for everyone (that's a reference for V. )

Speaking of V. she highly recommended a film to me that I will now briefly review. I picked it up today on DVD for a pittance in a sale which made me happy. It is.... Deathwatch!

This film had a great premise. A bunch of British soldiers in WW1 get lost in a horrific push forward and regroup in a captured German trench. This trench is... weird though. It seems to have no purpose in it's design. It's perpetually surrounded by fog. There are too many dead bodies that seem to have died in bizarre circumstances. As the men dig in to await relief they begin to see strange things.... This film reminded me a LOT of The Bunker . I am not sure which I liked better. Deathwatch has ALL the right ingredients but it's kind of slow paced. The Bunker is better paced but also slightly fails to really make the most of a good premise. There seem to have been a slew of WW1/2 horror films around this time - I haven't yet seen Below. What I liked most in Deathwatch was the fact that you could interpret the events you see in several different ways according to your own thoughts. I'd say this is certainly worth a look, along with The Bunker. Deathwatch's main problem in the UK is that everyone 'kind of looks familiar' from TV. Especially disturbing is the kid from the sitcom 'My Family' masturbating over black and white pics of German flappers! Also, the 'psycho soldier' kind of seemed a bit lame and cartoonish.