Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Tuesday nights: evil and perverts! Fun for the whole family!
Our foray into the exciting world of premiere week continues! I know this is very exciting, but do please try to restrain yourselves for your own safety and the safety of others.

First we re-visit a show that started up last week, Supernatural. Tuesday, 9:00, WB.

This was the one about the two ghostbusting brothers. Last week's episode was really spooky. Like, genuinely creepy, especially by TV standards. This week's episode was good, but I'm not sure I'd call it spooky. Ghostbusting brothers venture into the woods to track down a wendigo.

Okay, see, wendigos can be pretty freakin' scary. But this one was just kinda weird. I guess maybe if you're creeped out by the woods or bears or generally by Bad Things That Might Happen To Campers, maybe then you'd be creeped out by this. Everyone has a different threshold of creepy, we all have different stuff that makes us want to sleep with the lights on. I can see where Bad Things That Might Happen To Campers could make a person want to sleep with the lights on, although it's pretty irrational.

Not that I don't have my own irrational thing that I'm incredibly creeped out by, but that's beside the point. I digress. I was supposed to be talking about the Wendigo episode of this here show.

It was very good. Again, well acted, well written. Intriguing, more than adequate enough to hold my interest and entertain me. I was hoping to be a little spooked like last week, but admittedly I'm more difficult to creep out than the average person. This is definitely one to keep watching.

Also tonight, we had the season opener of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, affectionately referred to as "Special Perverts Unit" by myself and M, due to the lurid nature of the plot. This one's on Tuesday at 10:00, NBC.

I certainly was not disappointed by the sheer volume of luridness contained within this episode. Basically you had the T-1000 fresh out of prison for raping a young girl. And it looks like he's at it again. So Stabler goes deep undercover to try and bait him into doing it again so they can get him back behind bars. Ethical police work? Not so much, no. But it made for a DAMN GOOD STORY.

The T-1000 was appropriately unpredictable and batshit crazy. All the old familiar characters were back and true to form. Olivia Benson's hair has grown out a bit, so she looks considerably less like Lacey from Cagney and Lacey (a point which went completely unnoticed by me, M had to point it out a few days ago).

Dudes. DUDES, it's Law & Order: Special Perverts Unit. What more can be said? Watch this show. Do it. DO IT. Or you'll regret it, and I really don't think you want to go through life regretting something as pitiful as missing out on a totally rad TV show.

That's it for tonight. Be sure to check in tomorrow, as tomorrow will be a banner day indeed. Wednesday marks the triumphant return of Lost, which will be heralded by much celebration. Oh yeah, and yet another new show about aliens. Let's hope it doesn't suck as much as that sea alien crap that was on last night.