Saturday, September 17, 2005
Codename V. sorts out the best of the new fall television
And tells you what to watch. And you'll watch it, if you know what's good for you.

Installment one! There were only a couple of shows that made their debut this past week, and I've decided to put them both in one post. Most everything else debuts this coming week, and I intend to have a post for you EVERY DAY. Isn't that fantastic? I am that devoted to this cause. Or maybe I just like having an excuse to watch, like, 12 hours of TV a week...

Supernatural. Tuesday, 9:00, the WB.

So you have these two brothers, and their mom died in some freak demonic ghost accident kind of situation. And ever since, their dad devoted his life to tracking down the demonic ghost thing that killed her. And he trained his kids to be expert ghostbusters along the way. Except now, dad's gone missing on a hunt, and the brothers are faced with the task of finding him on their own.

I didn't expect much from this... I thought it was going to be kind of a low-rent X-Files. But I was impressed. The plot was compelling, and it was a genuinely spooky hour. Some of the special effects were a bit shaky, but this is television after all, not a big-budget Spielberg film. All in all, well within acceptable television parameters. I very much liked it, and I've put it on my list of stuff to watch every week.

Threshold. Friday, 9:00, CBS.

Where to begin? Aliens invade earth. You have Lt. Commander Data. You have crazy Ethan from Lost. You have a surly dwarf. You've got some guy who always seems to play a soldier, and he's playing a soldier. This is a recipe for success, friends. SUCCESS!!

I really did enjoy this. There's a good balance of humor and suspense, and the premise seems well thought out. There's a bit of dodgy science when they start talking about interdimensional objects folding in on themselves, and using terms like "hypergeometry" or some such. But I mean, where would this genre be without dodgy science? You have to just take all this in stride. Yes, yes, of course. Hypergeometry. Certainly.

They made a Klingon joke at Lt. Commander Data's expense. I am not sure whether to be impressed that they played the Star Trek card for the benefit of all us TNG geeks, or whether it's an insult to my geekdom because it's a really obvious card to play. Either way, it's great to see Brent Spiner on TV again. ROCK!

Right then. So, you'll all watch these shows next week, right? Cos they're better than Will and Grace or Dr. Phil or whatever other crap you probably already watch. You'll do it, and you'll like it. So there.

Tune in sometime late Monday, when I'll have reviews of some other sci-fi show called Surface, and also the season premiere of CSI: Miami.