Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Viking Wednesday! Freaky gruesome Vikingness, and also kittens.
Here are a couple more links from M, supplemented with additional information I went looking for.

M. lives in an area of England that was well and truly teeming with Vikings, way back in the day. He has produced this link which provides a very interesting bit of history about Vikings in England. It also mentions something called "The Blood Eagle", which is a legendary violent form of execution. There's some confusion as to whether it ever really happened, or whether it's just a story. But either way, it's pretty awesome. I found a brief article about it on Wikipedia.

I tried to find an image to share, but there don't seem to be any. You'd think there would be an artistic rendering or two out there, but no. I kind of doubt y'all really want to see eviscerated ribcages, anyway. I'd kind of like to, though...

Here's another good link, courtesy of Viking Enthusiast M: Viking Answer Lady explains about Berserkers. Sometimes, Vikings liked to put on animal skins and get all worked up into a kind of Primal Rage Frenzy. They were called Berserkers. Again, there's a lot of confusion as to what really went down with the Vikings, and what's just folklore. But all the same, this is some interesting stuff. Go read, educate yourselves.

Incidentally, it looks like Viking Answer Lady has quite a detailed website. This is going to take me hours to get through, I am filled with glee. Learning about Vikings makes me happy. Oooh, and Viking Answer Lady has a Cafe Press store. I am filled with more glee. Viking themed t-shirts for all!

And now, I give you The Legend Of The Vikings As Told By Led Zeppelin And Some Kittens.