Sunday, August 21, 2005
Prepare yourselves for Viking Week
In which V. and M. have decided that Vikings totally kick ass, and endeavor to bring this message to the masses.

M. and I have been all about Vikings for a few weeks now. It all started one night when we were talking about The 13th Warrior and decided we both really wanted to see it. Friends, I must recommend this film. It's full of hearty, robust Vikings doing hearty, robust Viking things. Things like, blowing their noses into a communal water bowl. And dueling with massive axes. And fighting cannibals. Because good lord, if there's anything cooler than Vikings, it can only be Vikings and cannibals together in one film.

Also, Hollywood Film Legend Omar Sharif had a small role in the film. He had about five minutes of screen time, most of which was spent translating things to and from Viking for the benefit of Antonio Banderas. I wonder what Hollywood Film Legend Omar Sharif thinks about the quality of his role?

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As I thought. Well played, Omar Sharif. Well played.

But I digress. This week, all week long, you can look forward to Viking Week here at Codename V. Wondrous fun awaits you, as V. And M. have a wealth of Viking awesomeness to share. We totally heart Vikings, and we think you will too. And if you don't totally heart Vikings, Hollywood Film Legend Omar Sharif has a message for you:

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Ah, well played again sir. Well played indeed.