Monday, July 11, 2005
In which V. has been shoe shopping.

So yeah. Shoe shopping. I've kind of been in desperate need of low-top Chuck Taylors. They're the staple of my wardrobe, really. I have high tops (2 pair) and a pair of those awesome killer knee-high combat boot style ones (AWESOME!). I suspect that all of this might make me Emo, but I totally don't understand the kids these days. But my low tops wore out, and I've had a bitch of a time finding some new ones.

Mainly cos I'm always looking for a bargain. So I bought some off e-bay, and whoever had them first washed them (fine) and threw them in the dryer (not fine). So they shrank a bit and the tongue was about half as long as it should have been, and the insoles were a bit shriveled up. And did they mention this in the item description? Of course not.

So. Low top Chucks have become a priority.

I was looking around for some decent ones at the mall today and not having much luck. High tops seem to be all the rage lately. Which is cool, I'm down with high tops. I just don't need any more at the moment. I did find a pair of low top Chucks at Foot Locker for $20 (bargain!) but they were bright orange. Like, traffic cone orange. I just wasn't feeling it.

Then I came across this shop I'd never seen before. It was called Station. And being the colossal dork that I am, I immediately think:

Image Hosted by

So yeah. Station (STATION!!!) came through for me. Got some cute low top Chucks that are chocolate brown with a pink tongue. Too cute. And yet also badass. Bad. Ass. And since they're from Station (STATION!!!), I should be pretty set in the event anyone tries to create an Evil Robot V.