Thursday, July 14, 2005
Fun for the whole family. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
Hey, did y'all ever see that Norm Macdonald movie, Dirty Work? There's a scene in there where Norm Macdonald gets some girls to dress like hookers and play dead in the trunks of cars for sale on some guy's car lot, and then Norm Macdonald tries to expose the whole debacle. And he delivers one of the awesomest lines in B-comedy history:

"Hey pal, I know a dead whore when I see one."

Well, so do I. And here she is. Not the attractive kind of whore, but the sleazy, street-wise, kind of used-up-looking whore. If I had to guess, I'd say "dead whore" is probably not the vibe the creator of this was going for, but dude. There's no denying. That right there is a dead whore.

This is probably really sick of me, but I found it fun. You can control her a bit by clicking and dragging. I rather enjoyed shaking her vigorously, as her floppy limbs went all akimbo. It was soothing, in a zen-like stress relief kind of way.

Run along and play with the creepy dead lady, kids. Enjoy yourselves.