Thursday, July 21, 2005
Fox Screws Over Handicapped Kid
In which V. is appalled, just bloody appalled.

I've always kind of been impressed with stuff like Extreme Makeover, where a TV network pours a shitload of time and energy and money into making life better for deserving people. But apparently things aren't always what they seem. Read on: Family Suing Reality TV Show Over Repairs (Chicago Daily Herald)

Presumably, amongst other things, the Fox people completely demolished some stuff the family had built, installed some stuff that actually made life harder for their recently paralyzed son, and generally seemed to be most interested in making everything look nice for TV.

In my book, that's a really shitty thing to do to a family that's been through hell and can't even afford therapy for their handicapped kid. Fox are ASSHOLES! Assholes, I say! At times like these, I have to wonder what Hollywood Film Legend Omar Sharif would have to say to the people behind this farce...

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Hmm. Looks like Hollywood Film Legend Omar Sharif says "fuck you". Well played, Omar Sharif. Well played.