Friday, May 06, 2005
Five things I totally heart this week
1. A Tale Of Two Sisters
This Korean film is one of the creepiest I've seen in a long time. Two sisters return home from a hospital stay. Their father and stepmother are behaving weirdly. There's a heavy, oppressive atmosphere, and you get a strong sense of things not being right, almost from the very start of the film. It's a total mindfuck. Things are really not what they seem. Events kind of spiral out of control. It's genuinely chilling and a very effective film.

2. The Killers

3. The New Nick Cave Box Set
B-Sides & Rarities. Three discs, complete genius from start to finish. Some great acoustic versions, alternate versions, etc. Highlights include Cocks And Asses, Little Ghost Song, Sail Away. Inexplicably missing are There Is A Light and To Be By Your Side.

4. Free Pie
I got a takeaway lunch today, and they gave me several slices of free pie. Technically I'm not supposed to have sugar for another two and a half weeks, but who can resist the devilish lure of free pie?

5. Beverly Hills, 90210
They're showing re-runs of this on cable, every weeknight at 5. During its original run, I was a high school student, the same age that the characters were. I related well to it, embraced it, loved it. Looking back, it's cheesy as hell. Did I dress like that? Did I have that hair style? OMFG, I believe that I did. This must be how my parents feel when they see old Partridge Family episodes.

Anyway, watching it 10+ years after the fact, I can appreciate it on a different level. Yes, it's cheese, but it's nostalgic cheese. A couple of days ago I saw the episode where Dylan's dad is killed by a car bomb. Dylan clutches at that pompadour hairstyle and falls to his knees, screaming "Noooooo! Noooooo!" God bless Luke Perry. Really.