Friday, April 08, 2005
Random things I am generally not hearting lately
In which V. has had a spectacularly bad week, and feels like lodging a few complaints.

1. Blogger
It's eating posts. It's eating comments. It's not loading with any degree of reliability. Claims of "performance enhancements" and suggestions regarding one's cookie cache are laughable. I call shenanigans.

2. Tori Amos
I used to love Tori Amos. What the hell has happened to her in recent years? I just saw her latest video, some crap about sleeping with butterflies. She is starting to look a bit like a plasticine version of Faye Dunaway. Even worse, I think she's lost her edge. Tori Amos used to be so angry. Angry at god. Angry at men. Angry at pretty girls. Angry at anger. Her music was like a scream of defiance in the face of conformity. I respected that, I understood that. It was something I could really embrace.

Now, she seems to be singing pretty pop songs. Not that there's anything wrong with pretty pop songs, but they aren't the reason I ever bought a Tori Amos CD.

I think she maybe jumped the shark when she had her kid. I remember shortly thereafter, she put out some album of cover songs. She said she felt that those songs were misogynistic or some shit, and she wanted to tell those stories from a woman's point of view. And then she proceeded to cover "Time" by Tom Waits which broke one of Codename V.'s Cardinal Rules: you just don't cover Tom Waits. It ain't gonna work out for you.

Furthermore, I don't see how anyone in their right mind could interpret that song (or any of T.W.'s music) as being misogynistic. I think that was the moment for me when Tori Amos stopped being an angry crusader I could respect, and started being someone I now view as a deluded and bitter old bitch.

Harsh, but someone had to say it.

3. Reruns
I gotta wait three weeks for new Lost? Y'all kill off Boone and show me some preview that implies that Locke dies as well, and then you make me wait three weeks for it? Fuck y'all.

4.People who hit cyclists with trucks, nearly killing them, and then drive away.
This happened a week ago to someone I love very much. They're okay. Bruised and sore and pissed off, but okay. They're lucky to be alive, though, and I'm lucky to still have them around. Whoever is responsible for this has a massive karmic debt to pay off.

5. Spring Break
I can't go anywhere this week without having to wade through crowds of aimless teenagers. Or worse, hyperactive children who run about in the Old Navy as if it were their own personal playground. If these are your children, please, find them something constructive to do. Give them chores, help them develop a hobby. I'm no expert on parenting, but I can pretty much guarantee you that hanging around the mall aimlessly never did any teenager any good.