Friday, April 08, 2005
Or does the water get him instead? Nobody knows, 4.4 billion year old particle man...
Maybe I'm just not geek enough to see the appeal here, but lining up to look at a microscopic speck of something through a microscope just isn't my idea of a swinging weekend. Article here.

However, I am geek enough to call up the people who are lining up for Star Wars. No link provided, because if you don't already know what I'm talking about, you're beyond help. Yes, everything you've heard is true. They are in fact answering the payphone. They're tired of talking to reporters, and like it when people call at night, because they "want to keep the party going". I spoke briefly to a charming bloke named Justin, who seemed to be having a great time. You too can call the Star Wars Line: (323) 462-9609. They're there until May, be nice and make a new friend.