Tuesday, April 26, 2005
An observation
I think the guy at the video rental place is slightly afraid of me.

Some background: I rent a lot of videos. By "a lot" I mean, like, constantly. I have this sweet deal where I pay $15 a month and get unlimited rentals. And I mean, unlimited. So I'm in there two, three times a week. And I always get the same guy. He's around my age, maybe early 30s. Glasses, quiet, polite. And I sincerely think I worry him.

Thing is, I rent an absolute shitload of horror films. But I also rent a fair amount of embarassing silly girl movies. And I think Video Guy has trouble reconciling this.

Like today, I rented the Bridget Jones sequel, and also a lurid Hong Kong film about violent organ thievery. He looked down at my two films, and then looked back up at me like he was thinking "what kind of monster ARE you?!". He kind of took a step back and said "um... thanks... due back Sunday..."

Weird. Kids these days, I swear.

Also, here's something I was wondering about whilst listening to a mix CD earlier today: would Enya still be as good if they didn't run her voice through, like, three dozen echo filters? Hell, I'd probably sound all mystical and enchanting if I had producers to run my voice through three dozen echo filters. Hmm.