Thursday, April 21, 2005
In which V. has added some new stuff. Yeah.

Some new additions today, whee.

Put a new thingy in the sidebar there, to my Audioscrobbler page. It makes a list of what music I play and keeps track of what I play most. This information will probably lead to varying degrees of dismay amongst my friends, who all generally seem to think that my taste in music is rather suspect.

Also, put some new scans in my Illustrations gallery. And started a new gallery, scans from my art school sketchbook, c. 1995-1999 or thereabouts. This is probably interesting only to me, and I'm doing it mostly to preserve my older stuff for posterity... things are starting to bleed through the paper and get discolored and generally fall apart. And twenty years from now, I might feel like looking back on it. It's mostly crude sketches of skulls and devils, with the occasional "kill kill kill" and "die die" scribbled in the margins. I don't seem to have changed all that much...