Friday, April 15, 2005
Five things I totally heart this week
1. Sin City
I saw this film yesterday. OMFG, it was beautiful. I was a film student AND an art student, and Sin City fully embraces both crafts. I read somewhere that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller used the actual graphic novels as storyboards. This is how it needs to be done, people.

When making film adaptations of comics, the filmmakers need to remember that this story has already been told. It already has a fan-base. You can never improve on what the writer and artist (and dare I say inker) have already done. Don't try to. Cast actors who are appropriate for the role, do not cast big Hollywood names because you think they add box office appeal. Halle Berry may be an attractive woman, but she's no Storm. But I digress (as I often do).

Sin City was brilliant, just fucking brilliant. You'll all go see it, and you'll like it, because I said so. Also: Mickey Rourke delivers what may well be the most awesome comeback performance in the history of film. Badass, y'all. Bad. Ass.

2. Sonic
In these crazy times, what would we do without the sweet, sweet nectar that is the Sonic Orange Slush?

3. The Killers
I just don't get tired of these guys.

4. That Ebola Mold Disease that was on CSI last night
Did anyone see last night's CSI? When the coroner was doing the autopsy on the dead bodybuilder, and poked him in the eye and the eye collapsed and this black sludgy stuff came out? That was AWESOME! It was some kind of mold that makes all your face bones deteriorate. AWESOME!!

Apparently it grows on human tissue, which Dead Bodybuilder had in his air ducts from when he killed a dirty whore. This is a relief to me, as I'm positive that I don't have any dead bodies in my air ducts. I bury them all in my neighbor's yard.

5. Freaky dreams
Aren't these fun? It's like going to sleep and getting to watch Swedish art films in your own head. Last night I dreamt that a serial killer was trying to drive me insane, by abducting people and making it my responsibility to find them before he did them in. If I told the police or anyone else, he'd kill the victims immediately. I was doing pretty well, until he abducted this one girl. I was given a bloodhound to track her with. We were going through some woods (the bloodhound and I) when the dog lost the scent. I panicked. This girl was going to die, all because I'd somehow gotten involved in the killer's twisted game. The killer started hanging around my house and videotaping me through the windows. I freaked out and phoned my mom and begged her to come home, but she didn't believe me.

I wish I could remember more, it was pretty awesome.

Blogger WTF moment of the day: Blogger spell check suggests I replace OMFG with WOMBS.