Friday, March 25, 2005
Random thoughts
Is it just me, or does Crazy Marathon Dude look a bit like Zoolander?

Those new Gap ads with Sarah Jessica Parker singing are coming close to driving me into a psychotic rage.

The last book I read was mediocre.

The last film I tried to watch was so horrible I couldn't get past the first half hour. This is rare. I have a pretty high tolerance for crap.

I had lunch today with a friend at some place called Italian Pie. I ordered a pizza with mushrooms and green peppers, but they brought me a calzone instead. The waitress had them bring me a pizza as well, without my ever having to say a word about it. I got to keep them both, and the whole thing only cost me seven dollars. Italian Pie is pretty sweet.

Ironically, I think I am getting bored with pizza.

Carolina Girls are in fact The Best In The World.

Spike TV is showing an all-day CSI marathon. What the hell am I still doing on the computer? Let's run it through AFIS...