Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Five things I totally heart this week
1. The Killers
Yeah, I know I totally hearted these guys last week. But, I have since heard their awesome cover of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself", which is one of my favorite Morrissey songs. The Killers RULE, like, totally. And it doesn't hurt that the lead singer is a nice bit of eye candy. Mmm, eye candy.

2. Mansquito
The more I think about Mansquito, the more I am convinced that, well, that it sucked. But I have to say, it's refreshing to see a film made with just some bloke in a rubber suit. CGI has gotten way out of hand, if you ask me. Even the cheapest, most crap direct-to-video films go overboard with the CGI these days. Mad props to Mansquito for giving technology the middle finger. I think society would be a lot better off if we still had to see our fair share of films with guys in rubber suits.

3. Muskrat Love
Yes, Captain and Tennille really, really suck. They suck hard. And Muskrat Love sucks pretty hard as well. I'll be honest here, if I had to make a list of the five worst songs of all time, Muskrat Love might be second or third on the list. But I found myself forced to listen to it the other day, and realized that about 2/3 of the way in there's a solo that can only be described as the sound of muskrats having sex, as performed on an ancient Moog synthesizer. Go have a listen, if you don't believe me. You will be repulsed, yet fascinated.

A creepy side note: Hey, that Tennille was kind of a hottie back in the day. OMG, I never would have thought.

4. The Scissor Sisters
I am admittedly rather late with this whole jumping on the Scissor Sisters bandwagon. But hey, these here are some catchy songs. Mark my words, these crazy kids are going to go far. I think they'll be the next Elton John. We need a new Elton John anyway, the one we have is becoming rather tired.

5. Greg Sanders
Greg is my favorite CSI. There's also that whole eye candy thing again. And he's weird. Weird is good.