Thursday, March 03, 2005
Five things I totally heart this week
In which V. takes a break from snarking.

1. The Toyota Prius
If I could afford a new car, it would be this one here. I am partial to the blue.

2. The Killers
Every once in a while I think "maybe the crazy music that kids listen to these days isn't all bad". The Killers are a ray of hope in a sea of mediocrity. I especially like their video for "Mr. Brightside", wherein the Killers are made up to look like dandies, and the lead singer is involved in a love triangle with a scary-looking model and Eric Roberts, who is also made up to look like a dandy. Perhaps I have my priorities all screwed up, but I think if given a choice between a rather handsome young rock god and Eric Roberts, I'd have to go with Rock God. Young and handsome rock gods might get away with the whole Dandy thing. Eric Roberts, not so much.

3. The Jacket
I keep seeing promos for this film which presumably starts tomorrow. I may have to make a solo pilgrimage to the cinema to see it, maybe on Monday. I was watching some morning chat show whilst on the treadmill at the gym this morning, and a reviewer described it as "paranormal medical horror". This is a whole new sub-genre to me, except maybe if you count the work of David Cronenberg, and even then he's more "gross organic" than "medical" horror. The Jacket stars Adrien Brody, I like him. Also, Keira Knightley. I used to find her a bit revolting, until I saw King Arthur. Now she's growing on me.

4. The 23rd Pan Book of Horror Stories
This is a pretty ancient paperback anthology that I have on loan from M. Most of the stories have a pretty solid British feel, and most of them are a bit unsettling. I'm not sure whether these books are easily found in America at all, but I'm certain I've read a couple of these stories before in other anthologies.

5. Lost
One of the best new TV shows I've seen in years. Imaginative, keeps me guessing. Well done, ABC. Well done.

This week's WTF moment: blogger's spell-check suggests that I replace "sub-genre" with "spikenard".