Monday, December 10, 2007
Right then, where did I leave off?
You may have noticed that no delightful holiday music was posted yesterday. I needed a break. I rather doubt anyone noticed anyway, as I can count my readers on one hand.

Today's song is "Let It Snow" by Michael Buble. It's set to scenes from the Narnia film, and maybe I'm just in a strange mood, but I found it kind of unintentionally funny. I was visiting England a few years ago at the time that Michael Buble was just starting to become known. There were all these TV ads for his CD, and at the end they'd always say "remember - that's BOOB-lay." I must say, I do really like Michael Buble. He's taken Harry Connick Jr's throne. Remember when Harry Connick Jr. was ultra-handsome and made all the ladies swoon? And these days he has a face like a bag of nails. Not aging well, that one.

But I'm rambling. Here's your music. There are 15 days until Christmas. I think? I've kind of lost count. Remember - that's BOOB-lay.