Saturday, August 18, 2007
Christ almighty.
In which V. gets a bit controversial, because she is a woman of strong opinions.

Tortured Tortoise Returns Home (via Yahoo News)

Stories like this make me have even less faith in people than I already do. And that's saying something, because I'm a complete misanthrope. Jose "Tony" Mosqueda is a waste of good oxygen, and deserves far more than three years in prison. Excuse me, "up to three years," which means he'll get probation and a $100 fine, or some other ridiculous bullshit.

Here's a thought. How about we cut up his legs and feet (take off a toe or two), slice his neck, and shove a spike through his back? See how he likes it. I'm serious. Then we can take him out to the ghetto and leave him behind a dumpster. Fuck it, he deserves even worse than that.

Note: if you think I'm being harsh, you probably aren't the kind of person I would want to associate with anyway. Also: if he'll do this to a tortoise, he'll do it (and probably worse) to a person. Abusers of any kind are sick people, and I do not believe that it is possible to rehabilitate persons who are capable of this kind of brutal violence. IMO we should just remove them from society - they're a lost cause.

Update: If you were as moved by Bob's plight as I was, you can help. This Blog has information on how you can help the autistic kid's family pay for Bob's medical expenses, or just make a donation to the Turtle Hospital in general. I think even a dollar or two would be an act of great kindness and compassion.