Friday, April 13, 2007
This is some Faces of Death kind of stuff right here
Ya gotta hand it to angry crocodile, NY Daily News

(note: the lame headline is theirs. If it were up to me, it would be more like OMG IT'S A HAND)

So yeah, this crocodile in Taiwan bit off a veterinarian's arm. Doctors have reattached it. But you absolutely have to click on that link and look at the photo. Maybe you don't have to if you get easily squicked out. I mean, it's not bloody or anything, but it is a photo of a crocodile with a guy's severed hand sticking out of its mouth. Which, I mean, it's horrible. Horrible and tragic and OMG nobody should have to suffer these things. But also, you have to admit, it's pretty awesome. It's a HUMAN HAND in a CROCODILE'S MOUTH, FFS.