Saturday, April 21, 2007
Loverman: Or, Nick Cave in his angry prime
Behold the video for Nick Cave's awesome song Loverman. This is from back in the day when he was kind of hot in that rock star way, and had a lot of angst and sang songs about killing people all the time. Not that Nick Cave isn't still awesome, but he's undergone some kind of personality transplant over the past few years and now only wants to sing songs about God and love. Whatever, it's all good music. But I digress.

Here's Loverman. I saw an interview with these guys where Cave said that they got in a hypnotist for this video. The band were all scoffing at it, thinking nothing was going to happen, but they actually all ended up getting hypnotized and doing some freaky stuff. Personally I think the effect is quite creepy. Maybe they were bullshitting, maybe not. But it's weird, either way. Watch and enjoy.