Saturday, March 24, 2007
Strange but true
In which V relates one of the weirdest things she's ever witnessed in public.

So I was at Applebees a couple of nights ago, and following several generous glasses of iced tea decided to pay a visit to the ladies' lounge.

Upon opening the door, I was presented with a clear view into the handicapped stall. A Mexican woman was inside with a small boy. Note that both people would have easily fit into the handicapped stall with the door closed, but bafflingly, the door to the stall was wide open. The small boy was peeing, and the woman was shouting "MUCHACHO! MUCHACHO!" over and over.

... what. I mean, really. What.

So I cautiously made my way into the other stall, all the while that woman was going "MUCHACHO! MUCHACHO!" until finally the boy finished peeing and the toilet was flushed. As the toilet flushed, the little boy let out this horrible bloodcurdling scream, as if a flushing toilet is the most terrifying thing on earth. Or maybe he was traumatized at having his pee taken away. I mean, my cat gets pretty upset when you change her litter.

I decide to just hide out in my stall until the freakshow leaves. The woman gets the kid to stop screaming, and says something in Spanish which I assume means "wash your hands" so the kid starts washing his hands and says "aiiiieeee! The water! It is hurting me!" The woman says something else in Spanish, and they both laugh.

Oddly, this was the second kid I shared a public restroom with over my vacation who screamed when the toilet was flushed. Bizarre.

Also: note that on Tuesday nights at Applebees, kids under 12 eat for 99 cents. The moral of this story is, stay well away from Applebees on Tuesday nights. We learned this the hard way.