Tuesday, July 18, 2006
This is V, checking in
First, I need to apologize to anyone who is expecting e-mail from me. Here is the thing. M has a PS2, and God of War. Any spare moment I've had since arriving here has been devoted to saving Athens, or whatever it is that God of War guy is supposed to be doing. Killing stuff, I guess that's what he's supposed to do. I know this seems like a lame excuse for not e-mailing people. But if you've ever played God of War, you will understand. I promise to start writing to y'all ASAP, but I figure this is the most efficient way of communicating with a lot of people in one go.

Some strange things have happened recently. On the way home from the airport, we ended up getting a little bit lost and drove past a field with a crop circle in it. A CROP CIRCLE, PEOPLE. This is in the top five of awesomest things I have ever seen. We drove past it pretty quick, so there wasn't any time to take photos or investigate.

Also, swimming in the sea today, we were attacked by krill. ATTACKED BY KRILL, PEOPLE. I felt something kind of pinch my neck and I said to M, I think something's stung me. His response indicated doubt as to my sanity. Then it happened again. And then it happened to M. And then to me again, and we spotted the krill. It was baffling. We reckon there must have been a hell of a lot of krill out there, if we were being bombarded by so many of them. Do krill attack people? Or maybe swarm in vast numbers? Google was little help. I googled "krill nusiance" and ended up with a result that said "According to the police, Mr. Krill aggressively panhandles..."

Evidently Mr. Krill qualifies as a nuisance.

Watched The Shining last night, a film that continues to freak me right the hell out no matter how many times I've seen it. M has the uncut version. I was convinced that I had seen the uncut version, but there were a few scenes in there that I didn't recognize. I noticed a few things about Mr. Kubrick's cinematography that had previously escaped my attention, but that is a lengthy (and possibly boring film student geek) ramble for another time. That thing in the dog suit (or rat suit or whatever it is) is just WRONG. Even though I knew it was coming and I expected it to be just totally BAD WRONG, it still gives me a sense of real sick unease.

Right then. I'll email y'all soon I PROMISE. I mean, unless I'm eaten by krill. Does that happen? Krill have to eat something, right?