Monday, June 19, 2006
Team Awesome is having a goal!
In which Codename V has caught World Cup fever in a big way.

I am so totally getting all into soccer. I'd never even watched a match before this past Thursday, and I was completely blown away by how AWESOME the game is. Soccer is AWESOME to the max!

So today I armed myself with a brand new soccer ball (only $10 at Wal-Mart) and a copy of Soccer For Dummies (courtesy of the public library). My new soccer ball has a place where you can fill in your name, and the name of your team. So I took out my trusty Sharpie marker and filled in my name. I decided that I'd be Team Awesome. Team Awesome will rock, and it will rock to the max.

Team Awesome has already played in two matches with a varying degree of success. Details follow.

Match 1: Team Awesome vs Team Mom And Dad

Team Mom And Dad assembled quickly once they spotted Team Awesome performing training drills. Despite some bizarre misconceptions ("they do this all day in France" and "didn't the Aztecs play this with human heads?") Team Mom And Dad were quick with the ball. Their combined footwork was challenging for the single-player Team Awesome, and everyone soon grew tired. It was determined that Team Awesome was the winner, largely because Team Mom And Dad have no knowledge of the rules and were unaware that there was any kind of score.

Match 2: Team Awesome vs Team Dogs
This was just a fiasco. Team Dogs showed a very strong field presence and largely dominated control of the ball. However both team members fouled themselves out of the game almost immediately due to jersey pulling. This was further complicated by Team Dogs being 100% unaware that they had fouled out. A motivational lecture was then given regarding sportsmanship and good conduct. Team Dogs dutifully attended motivational lecture, but failed to gain any lasting respect for the structure of the game. A draw was called.

As Team Dogs are the only reliable opponent available to Team Awesome, it remains to be seen how the season will play out. It is theorized that Team Brick Wall could be a viable option. Stay tuned for updates.