Monday, January 09, 2006
Five Things I Totally Heart This Week
1. French Radio
Despite the fact that I don't speak or read more than ten words of French, j'adore French pop music (from the 80s and beyond, not so much that weird 60s Serge Gainsbourg stuff). Over the weekend I downloaded this thing that plays around a dozen French radio stations on my computer, and I'm becoming addicted to it. The only downside is, when I hear a song I really like, I have pretty much NO WAY of knowing who or what it is. It's not like I can do a lyrics search or anything. Bummer.

2. Peep Show

M sent me the first season of this show and it's completely hilarious. I don't really know where to begin summing up the premise, but Wikipedia does a pretty good job.

3. Masters of Horror
Freakin' awesome horror anthology series on Showtime. This is a real who's who of horror cinema, with segments directed by the likes of Dario Argento, Stuart Gordon, and John McNaughton. Aw crap, I'm irked now. Takashi Miike was set to direct an episode, but it seems to have been taken off the schedule. Well, here's hoping he makes it to season 2, along with Clive Barker who is notably missing from an otherwise stellar lineup.

4. Books of Blood

In keeping with the horror theme, I've been reading this set of short stories by Clive Barker lately. I started reading these when I was in college, and I was always under the impression that there were only three volumes. Wrong, there are six. From what I can tell, there were only three volumes made available in the U.S., for some cracked out stupid reason. So for Christmas, M set me up with 4-6. Awesome. I like Clive Barker, but his short stories are generally a lot better than his novels. Stephen King is the same...

5. The Descent
A kickass horror film that I also have courtesy of M. Hey, M is responsible for three things on this week's totally heart list. Anyway, The Descent is (in brief) about a group of women who go on a caving vacation in the N.C. Appalachian mountains (note: this is uncomfortably close to where V lives, as is the area where Deliverance was filmed). Once inside the cave, they're set upon by a horde of cannibal mutants. The film is creepy and atmospheric enough even before the monsters show up. If you're at all claustrophobic (as I am), there are a few very uncomfortable moments. If you're at all squeamish (as I am not), there are a few more. I definitely jumped a few times watching this one.

So yeah, that's this week's list.